Thursday, April 2, 2009

"Dover Group Portland"

This just stinks of being a Multi-Level Marketing company, and I consider all MLM's scams. If you're with an MLM, stay away from me, I will punch you in the face.


I saw your posting on Craigs List.

Who I Am: I used to work in the construction industry, was laid off twice, and decided to make a career change. I have found my new line of work to be EXTREMLEY FULLFILLING. Every day, I get to help families in need, as well of take care of my family with very solid compensation.

Who We Are: We are the nation’s PREMIERE Mortgage, Life and Retirement protection company. We are a financially solid 7 year old company with over $500 million in sales, on a current drive to $1 billion. Right now, we could use some help in your area due to the high response from our clients. In this down economy, we have seen recession-proof increases of over twenty-five percent. We work with families to protect their homes and retirements, which is becoming more important than ever in this economy. We are looking for honest, ethical, hard-working people who have a passion to help others, and whose values are in line with our moral standards.

Description: We provide families with Mortgage, Life and Retirement solutions to protect their homes in the event of death or disability. In addition, we also help families maintain the ability to cover their mortgage and taxes for as long as they live. We also offer training that is second to none, as well as a strong team support atmosphere.


Full Time: $75,000 - $125,000 + bonus & residual income (40-50 hours/week)

Part Time: $40,000 - $75,000 + bonus & residual income (20-25 hours/week)

Company PAID vacations to qualified agents (we are scheduled to go to Atlantis in the Bahamas in May)

If you desire to be compensated based on how hard you work, we can ensure your income is on target with the projections above.

Products: Non medical testing mortgage protection insurance, inexpensive term, universal life, final expense, annuities, disability and unique "MONEY BACK" term life insurance.

Leads: Clients are provided to our agents through our proprietary direct mail system where people mail us asking for somebody to meet with them. You would not need to prospect for your own clients, if you don’t want to. Our clients have NO DOUBT what they are responding to. Our leads are exclusive to our agents and are not re-sold throughout the industry.

Work Schedule: Flexible. Work one day a week or seven. You truly control your own schedule, and work as much or as little as you want. It is up to you, and simply depends on what your income needs are.

Others Who Have Successfully Changed Careers, Include:

Licensed Agents Mortgage Brokers Construction Workers

CFP’s Accountants Mom’s Returning to the Workforce

Ex Military Fitness Instructors Fast Food Employees

First Responders Real Estate Agents Administrative Professionals

Retired Individuals Engineers IT Professionals

And…many, many more!

If you would like to learn a little more, please listen to our business overview. Due to the high demand of folks wanting to work with us, we need you to take 30 minutes to listen to this. It is pre-recorded, and you can call it at any time. The phone number is 712-432-9587. After listening to the call, please call or e-mail a fully formatted resume including a phone number, only AFTER you listen to the call. I will then call you to set up a phone interview, and we can determine if this is right for you and if getting you started is appropriate.

Wishing you the Best!

Dan Dover

Regional Manager

Office: (214) 501-7276

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