Thursday, May 14, 2009

Amy Sutton

I consider Multi-Level Marketing Companies to be complete scams. They are pyramid schemes - if you can not see this, then you're just a idiot. Same as the rest of the idiotic criminals that send me other scams.

To date, this is the first MLM company that was OBVIOUSLY going to rip off their customers. They might as well be selling snake oil.

"NO LIMIT" lolz...retarded. Sorry, Amy Sutton, you're a fucking idiot. I hope demons slowly pull the skin from your bones while you burn alive, rotting in hell. There is no way to accurately articulate your stupidity in such a way that your feeble mind can understand. My only wish is before you are dragged to hell, your friends and loved ones watch you die in the most embarrassing way possible.

Do you tell your family what you do? That the only way you ever make money is to exploit the ignorance of others? Hopefully someone exploits your family some day, oh shit! Wait! They already have!

Fuck your job. Fuck your product. Fuck you.

A person not interested in your employment opportunity.

"Amy Sutton"

Hi XXX ~

I saw your post about you looking for a new career opportunity. Here is what I have to offer:

I work for an international company that has products and technology with global rights in the field of anti-aging. I am putting together teams of people AROUND THE WORLD to partake in this business. For those that see the vision, the income potential is staggering.

The product driving this business is a hand held galvanic device that has been the rage in Europe, and is now taking North America by storm even though less than 1% of the market even knows about it yet. It is the size of a cell phone or man's razor, and decreases lines, wrinkles, and cellulite in minutes.

It is not even really about the device, it is really about timing. It is about being positioned in front of a wave. Think Baby Boomers. If you get in front of this wave, your financial future will be changed forever.

Is there anything that I have written so far that intrigues you?

If yes, please take a look at the following websites: and

I would love to set up a time where we can talk more on the phone.

If you're not interested, but you think that someone you know may be...please pass this information on to them. If they contact me, and begin this business, I will pay you $25 per person...NO LIMIT.

I look forward to hearing back from you!!

Amy Sutton

NuSkin Enterprises Anti-Aging Specialist

My website:

Learn more about the Galvanic Spa System II: