Friday, February 27, 2009

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Thank you for submitting your resume. We have reviewed your resume and we are excited about the opportunities that we have available for you. Many of our positions offer above average salaries and benefits that you may have already viewed during your application process.

We believe that you posses the required skills and qualifications for the position that you applied for. It normally takes us 7-10 business days to completely process your resume and application. After this time, you should start to receive communications from the hiring managers that are interested in you. We are extremely blessed that we have a candidate such as yourself.

Please ensure that the following tasks have been completed in order to help us with the continued processing of your application:

1. Please verify your phone number that we have on file for you.

We currently show as your contact number.

If the above phone number is incorrect, please reply to this e-mail and inform of us your correct contact number.

2. Complete your Registration with our continuing education department.

Register now!

The benefits of registering with our education department:

* Receive information about educational programs and campuses
* Inform hiring managers about your desire to succeed
* Become eligible for better benefits packages including tuition reimbursement.
* Earn above average wages due to educational experience
* Become eligible for greater consideration for open positions

After you have completed the above process, please reply to this e-mail informing us that you have completed your registration with our continuing education department.

We will then update your resume with the information that you have completed your registration and proceed with the interviewing process.

Once again, we thank you for submitting your application/resume to us. We are equally excited about the opportunities that are available for you.

Should any questions or concerns arise, please feel free to contact us!

Thank you,

Human Resource Department

This email was sent to you by HR-Interviews. You have either submitted your resume to one of our employment centers or you have requested specific information from us. You may write to us at 140 Broadway, 46th Floor New York, New York 10005 if you wish to obtain the specific information regarding our use of your personal information. You may also ask that we no longer send you these types of correspondence. If you wish to do this electronically, you may Contact-Us to quickly prevent further communications.



***The following is important information regarding your employment application.

We conduct thorough background checks on qualified applicants as part of our employment screening process. We only conduct background checks when we feel a position is available for an applicant.

Our Verification Check includes the following information:

* Work Experience Verification
* Educational Verification
* Criminal Record Verifications
* Consumer Report Verifications

Each employer has a unique and specific criterion that is used to determine the qualifications of certain positions that are available within their organization. Erroneous information in your consumer report can prevent you from obtaining a job offer for which you are otherwise qualified. Companies in industries that provide employees with access to sensitive information rely heavily on the contents of these consumer reports.

We offer our applicants the opportunity to pre-verify the information that we obtain in our decision making processes.

To pre-verify your consumer report today:

As a convenience to our applicants and prospective employees, we have partnered with, a company that enables you to receive your complimentary consumer report with a free 7 day trial membership in Credit Diagnosis. Please visit to request your report.

You may also reach the report order form here.

We understand the frustrations that accompany your job search. It is our goal to help you eliminate as many obstacles along the way and ensure that prospective employers have accurate information before making a hiring decision.

We strongly recommend that all applicants seeking employment remain informed of any changes or inaccuracies involving their consumer report.

If you are interested in continuing with the hiring process please reply to this e-mail and inform us to proceed.

Thank you for your co-operation,

Human Resource Department

*Credit DiagnosisSM provides you with the tools you need to access and monitor your financial/credit information through the program's credit reporting and monitoring benefits. Credit Diagnosis and its benefits providers are not credit repair services providers and do not receive fees for such services, nor are they credit clinics, credit repair or credit service organizations or businesses, as defined by federal and state law. Credit services are provided by TransUnion Interactive, Inc.

4447 North Central Expressway, Suite 110
PMB 406
Dallas, Texas 75205
This email was sent to you by HR-Interviews. You have either submitted your resume to one of our employment centers or you have requested specific information from us. You may write to us at 140 Broadway, 46th Floor New York, New York 10005 if you wish to obtain the specific information regarding our use of your personal information. You may also ask that we no longer send you these types of correspondence. If you wish to do this electronically, you may Contact-Us to quickly prevent further communications.


  1. I am job hunting right now and received this email today. Thanks for posting.

  2. I was applying for jobs I saw on Yahoo Hot Jobs. Nothing hot about this. No doubt it's a phishing scam I'm willing to bet at some point they ask for your social security number. I shouldda known to stay away from Yahoo- their email is a spam magnet as is yahoo messenger.

  3. Thanks for the post. I was wondering if it was a scam or not- especially the credit one as nothing is asked for. so thanks for the heads up-

  4. I just received one of these emails today. I suspect it is in response to a craigslist job posting to which I replied. I would add another organization to this list. National Employment Services requires you to go to their website where they ask for a variety of information then attempt to collect a great deal of personal information for their 'educational partners' that one cannot opt out of to proceed to the actual application/response areas.

  5. I went online and posted my info with a few different websites looking for work. It is a shame that people are scamming the unemployed. How amoral. But then... it seemed fishy from the get go. Real prospective employers will tell you who they are up front.

  6. I was wondering about this email, thanks for posting. I have applied to so many jobs lately (getting desperate!) and was unsure if this was from one of those positions. I agree with Kali, scamming the unemployed is lower than low.

  7. I received one of these emails today and wasnt sure about it. I tried typing in the web address because i couldn't figure out who this email was from but the address was invalid thats when i knew somethinhg wasn't right...Thanx

  8. Thanks for this. I was just about to reply to them, then I thought it sounded a little fishy.. so I googled and ended up here!

  9. Thank you for this. I agree. Craig's list is for sure where not to look for a job among others. It is disgusting that others try to take advantage of people out of work .. like me.
    You did us all a good thing by posting this. I have gotten the credit email too. I did reply telling them it was not ok and told them if they would tell me who was interested in me, I would give them the go ahead. Of course, no answer just another email asking for permission to do the credit check.

  10. THANK YOU. I knew that email was a crock.

  11. Thanks for this posting, I thought it sounded like a scam and googled it and found this. What a bunch of aholes, scamming the unemployed. I want to respond with something terrible and nasty but then they'll just know my email is active so I'll forget it. But thanks again!

  12. Thanks for posting, I knew any legit company would not email this...especially since the return email address is fishy. I too filled out information for NES, and I'm thinking this is where it came from. I'm a recent college grad desperately searching for a job before my school loan repayments hit....and I am also sickened that these people are allowed to take advantage of the unemployed...

  13. I just received this e-mail today. I was actually looking for HR positions and I almost fell for this e-mail. Thank god I'm a skeptic. Some people are just scum.

  14. Wow.. I have received it a couple of times also but have never responded. There is another one that actually ask you to get your consumer or credit report and then copy and paste it to an email to them.. All I can say is WOW :|

  15. Thank you for this. I am new in America and it is so disgusting
    and disappointing to see a very pretigious and dignity-conscious
    nation full of scams unimaginable. High tech scams are all over
    and does not even consider the victims...the unemployed, the less fortunate. and if you deeply investigate it's the MONEYED/ELITE people who usually does this coz they can afford financing. Is there no way we can get rid of these things or are they just afraid
    of stepping on toes of higher ups and/or sophisticated power? America should wake up and be more sensible and sensitive to peace and
    righteousness. Not only to the priveleged few but for everyone regardless of color or belief! Scams Are Scams---just like Madoff!
    But without blessings from the top or the priveleged these things
    would have long been gone or history! Again thanks for your warnings!

  16. Thanks for the info. Just got this email yesterday and knew something was phishy. First of all they don't mention what job it is in reference to and when I sent them an email I got no response.

  17. I have received this email a couple of times before. I thought the fact that they didn't note what position I had actually applied to, and also to just send a reply mail to go ahead with the background check?! It is my understanding that ANY company wishing to do a background check must first present a GENUINE JOB OFFER.

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